Managing and Building great software

Software Engineering Management is management, requiring soft and hard skills components.

I find great managers with amazing soft skills, but often lacking the engineering management hard skills - which are fundamentally different from hands-on experience as an individual contributor.

Building great software is not just programming. It's also planning, managing, responding to changes, adapting, adjusting, aligning operations to strategies, and learning constantly.

Software Engineering is my passion. For years I've been working taking on different roles, studying different topics, and participating in software engineering research.

I love learning and practicing software engineering management, and I also love teaching and sharing what I learned and experienced - which led me to the creation of this blog. I want to share with you what I've learned and continue to learn on my journey.

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Peter P. Lupo

Peter P. Lupo

Many management blogs focus on soft skills. This blog is about hard skills! Measurement, indicators, approaches, etc., for Software Engineering Management.